My name is Marco Yunga Tacuri. I am an Ecuadorian, an immigrant, a teacher, an anthropologist, a musician, a carpenter, the father of two beautiful kids, and the partner of a wonderful and talented woman.

Because of financial hardship for my family, in the year 2000, I traveled from Ecuador to Mexico and crossed the US-Mexican border on foot, through the desert, with a coyote. I lived in New York undocumented for five years, until deciding to move back to Ecuador in 2005.

Always fascinated with different cultures, including my own, I pursued and received an MA in anthropology from the University of Lethrbidge in Alberta Canada. I later returned to Ecuador, and in 2014, my family and I moved from Ecuador to Brattleboro, Vermont in the United States.

Since moving to Brattleboro, I have mostly worked as a teacher with kids from toddler-age to high schoolers. Through teaching, I have explored, learned about, and integrated into this new culture, society, and country. As an immigrant, I cannot think of a better way to immerse myself into this culture, which is completely different from the Ecuadorian one I left a couple thousands miles away.

I live surrounded by an amazing community of friends, talented artists, farmers, intellectuals, and activists . I participate in local rallies and social events as an activist-photographer.

I have developed a passion for photography as I find it is a way to creatively express emotions and portray realities that can so often be missed. I use photography to bring awareness to social justice issues and to break stereotypes. My hope is that the photographs bring about a curiosity to learn more and a deeper understanding of the realities of our time.

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